Andrea Morgante was commissioned in 2010 by “Fondazione Enzo Ferrari” to design a permanent exhibition inside Ferrari’s birthplace house. The building, constructed in 1830 by Ferrari’s father, served as a workshop and residence for the Ferrari Family until 1920. The display system was conceived as a large-scale vertical book that allows the visitor to read the different chapters of Ferrari’s life through various media; a three-dimensional immersive biography. The system takes the form of a sinuous wall separated into pages, so that as visitors progress down the room, they are obliged to gradually discover each page and chapter in sequence. At every point the next chapter is concealed so as to maintain interest and create a sense of excitement. This organic landscape stretches through the entire length of the 40 metre long space and soft, low-level backlighting gently illuminates both it and the room, making the space intimate in spite of its size........more